Sink Tests (Finally!)

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Well guys, we’ve finally solved the “which way the water swirls” question.  Yes, I just shot the final video of water draining in our bathroom sink here at home… and before our flight out of Sydney, I shot that sink test too.

Which way does it flow?  Well watch the first video for Sydney, and the second video for home.

Check out the videos after the break.  Drum-roll please… Sydney, NSW, Australia: Sink Test 1

Dublin, CA, USA: Sink Test 2
(it does actually go the direction I mention in the video, it just looks different in the video, I swear!)

  1. Sabine
    | Reply

    Ah, thanks for that last test, I can finally sleep! 🙂 Exciting stuff! Andrea – your place is a tip! Get cleaning!! 😀

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