Along Hwy 24

While initially planned to be in May 2020, together with my parents Rainer & Heidi in their rental RV, COVID-19 threw a little wrench into our plans. All in lockdown during spring, we postponed the trip to the fall, thinking/hoping that travel would be back to (near) normal by then.  Little did we expect all that was still ahead of us, including a second wave of lockdowns in Austria, travel restrictions between the US and Europe remaining in full effect and recurring spikes of coronavirus around the world putting a major damper on all things travel. 

Not to mention the impact on our work-lives! While Kirk remains full-time, he’s working from home part-time to limit exposure to other people. I’ve been on 80% pay for what feels like 200% of workload. Needless to say, I’m ready to be off for a couple of weeks. Good thing reinforcements came back to work a few days before my trip, so the hotels are covered.

My parents are bummed that they will miss out on this adventure – having to watch from afar with no vaccines or relief in sight. For this trip they’ll have to experience it vicariously through us 🙂

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