Bryce Canyon National Park

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After so much time away from people or at least from big crowds, we know we have to expect more activity at today’s destination: Bryce Canyon National Park. It’s been many years since Kirk had been here, even if not the 32 years since my last visit! Funny note – at the entrance sign, we meet a guy who had been here with his family also in 1988 – and he’s trying to re-enact the same photo as taken back then. 

The Scenic Drive into Bryce is busy, but we were not ready for the overcrowded stops at the Inspiration Point, Bryce Point and Paria View parking lots, so we quickly head deeper into the park. 

The following stops are much better! We can stop, enjoy the views and take little walks. Unlike 32 years ago, it’s a dog, not rain, that keeps us off the trails. Yet the views down into and over the amphitheaters (Bryce is not really a canyon) are just as spectacular as I remembered… definitely new: a food truck at Piracy Point, which of course we have to check out for lunch.

Some of the highlights: Upper Inspiration Point at 8,100 ft, Fairview and Piracy Points (8,819 ft) and Natural Bridge Overlook. [Note – the Bridge is actually an Arch, as there isn’t a river running under it.] Aqua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon and finally Rainbow Point (at the very end of the Scenic Drive).

As we are ready to head back to our campground, we get news from Livermore, asking us to come home sooner than expected. So rather than sticking around in the area for another day and taking a scenic route through Zion NP to go home, we head to Cannonville to pack up camp and head into the sunset that same evening already.

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