Horseshoe Bend & COVID Cancelations

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What we were supposed to do today is go to explore the Secret Canyon and Horseshoe Bend on Indian Reservation land with a small tour group. Since the pandemic however, all Navajo-land is closed to visitors and with that, all tours are cancelled. No photo-tour for us … bummer. But given limited tourists in the area because of COVID, we’re able to get into and enjoy the National Park Service’s Horseshoe Bend Overlook. While busy, it’s not crowded or overrun (aside from people littering as if it was a landfill!) and we get a great look at the impressive natural sight. And dogs are allowed here, too! 

With no other activities left for us in town (we’re not planning on any water sport on Lake Powell), we decide to ditch our campground early and head out of town. A beautiful drive through wide open lands, through Monument Valley and into Utah, we reach the turnoff to the Valley Of The Gods just a few miles beyond the tiny town of Mexican Hat, UT.

When we were last here in June 2012 (on our Southwest Trip in the Fun Finder), we ditched the trailer at the side of the highway to take only the truck on the 17-mile off-road track. This time, we’re bringing the Bambi – and we’ll find ourselves a spot to camp along the dirt road! I’ll certainly leave the driving to Kirk as he’s putting the truck in 4-wheel drive and the Airstream off-rad. Yikes!

Having done our homework, we know where the “dispersed campsites” along the route are, and see quite a few of them taken, others making us pass as we’re looking for the “next best”. After passing the “preferred sites” at the northernmost tip in the road are already taken, we get lucky and find a spot about a mile further down the road, a huge turnout spot, all alone and out of sight of other sights while out in the wide open of the Valley. We set up and enjoy the sunset, followed by incredible stars above us as it gets (very, very) dark at night.

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