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Look left (photo)! That was our accident of the day (Day 8) – just before heading off to our 759 km drive up north! Lesson learned: when you forget to eat your ice cream after dinner and leave it in the fridge (ice shelf) over night), it will still be way to soft to be eaten the next morning. Hmmm. Great move getting it out of the car and away from us anyways.

After this little incident, nothing else spectacular happened for the rest of the day. We drove up north, from Rockhampton to Proserpine. Took a small detour to the coast to not miss out on the Whitsunday Islands (ok, we got to the coast, looking over at them). Then continued on to Townsville, where we arrived after a total of 10 1/2 hrs travelling.

Day 9 is looking a bit more interesting: With only 3 1/2 hours drive left to Cairns, we are close to our 3-day dive boat trip. Final preparations include: drive north, check in hotel, get ready (includes re-packing “boat size”) and most importantly: get Kirk back on track. His sore throat has thrown him off a bit yesterday and this morning, but Nurse Andrea and her patient are hoping to get this under control by the end of today. Otherwise, we’ll postpone our boat departure to Tuesday (as originally planned).
Stay tuned!

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