Camping Weekend in Pinecrest

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2014 will see two group camping week/weekend, as we were able to get multiple sites together at Pinecrest! Many weeks and much planning in the making (thank you Kristina for all the organizing) have led to a large group including several Pinecrest Newbies this summer. The 3 Anderson’s plus Emma, the 5 Coble’s (Alisa and Miles have to leave come Friday), the Bryan’s (Michelle, John & JW), the 4 Rosellini’s, the 4 Alexanders, the 3 Stewart’s and the 2 Sylvester’s … Read More

July 4th in South Lake Tahoe

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It’s another holiday weekend that we get to spend in the mountains! 4th of July holiday in South Lake Tahoe brings a great fireworks show – sitting at the beach near the Anderson’s Cabin, we can watch the main show from the casinos in Stateline, but also see the far away fireworks from Incline Village and Tahoe City! Kristina, Clae and Kody brought cousin Giovanna up for the weekend, and Kirk & I get to claim the cabin’s guest room … Read More

Memorial Day in Calaveras Big Trees

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It’s J.T.’s birthday weekend, and we’re heading into the sierras for a long weekend in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, just outside of Arnold, CA on Hwy 4. Unlike 3 years ago in our 2nd Fun Finder season, this Memorial Day weekend does NOT have snow in the forecast. Or rain.Or anything in between. Season 5 is so much better … although the elevation is comparable to Pinecrest, CA, the winter was nowhere near the same (drought!), making for a … Read More

Safari West in Santa Rosa, CA

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For Christmas last year,Kirk’s mom Pat got 4 tickets to Safari West in the hills of Santa Rosa, and Mother’s Day Sunday seems like the perfect day to redeem them! The weather is perfect on this spring day, as Pat, Adam, Kirk & I arrive for our fascinating three-hour riding and walking adventure in Safari West’s 400-acre preserve. On the drive, we will get to come in contact with giraffes, gazelles, zebras, oryx, antelopes, cape buffalo, wildebeests and many other … Read More

Ski Weekend in South Lake Tahoe

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With the wedding and mini-honeymoon behind us and the snow season coming to a rapid end, Kirk & I are heading up to South Lake Tahoe, to spend a weekend with Kristina, Clae & Kody … skiing! Given the severe drought situation in California this year, the snow in Heavenly is remarkably good, only th every last run down to the valley is not open. Fun, fun, fun in the sun & snow!

Our Mini-Honeymoon

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With all the good weather used up for our wedding day & weekend, things get a bit stormy & wet during our mini-honeymoon (I’m talking about the weather!). Three days after the big day in late February, we’ve got the trailer packed & truck going. With J.T. in tow, we head south on Hwy 101 towards Soledad, CA. There is no campground on the west side of Pinnacles National Park, so we decide to scratch that idea and go off … Read More

Rollins Lake Camping 2012

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Day 4 – 08/16/2012 After packing up the trailer at Lake Spaulding this morning (see “Backpacking Tahoe National Forest”) we’re heading back to civilization – taking I-80 west to Colfax, where we stock up with groceries for the weekend, before heading around the reservoir, to the Peninsula campground for our annual Rollins Lake camping weekend! 2,000 ft lower in elevation than our last site, we certainly feel the difference in heat … it’s a hot 97 degrees in the shade … Read More

Backpacking in Tahoe National Forest

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Day 1 – 08/13/2012 Monday after work, Kirk and I take the truck & trailer back on the road – and J.T. is on board as well, of course! We’re heading into the Sierra mountains again, following I-80 to Yuba Gap and park the trailer at Lake Spaulding Campground, off Hwy-20 at 5,500 ft elevation. Out of the approx. 13 sites here, we find the perfect spot at site #3 (while using all blocks to level the trailer!). And if it … Read More

Scotts Flat Lake Camping Weekend

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It’s time for just one more camping weekend this July (07/27-29, 2012) and we’re headed up through Gold Country and the Sierra Nevada Foothills to Scott’s Flat Lake, near Nevada City. Kirk, J.T. and I set up on site 3A, and soon after the Cougar pulls in next door, at site 3 with Kristina, Clae and Kody on board. While the campground has no hook ups, it surely has tons and tons of campers on every site around us! It’s … Read More

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