Memories … Ein Rückblick.

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Unglaublich, aber wahr! Wir sind schon seit 3 Wochen wieder zu Hause im winterlichen (= regnerischen) Kalifornien und vom Alltag fast komplett verschluckt! Aber so ein großartiger Urlaub kann nicht ohne Resüme als abgeschlossen gelten! Daher kommt jetzt & hier mein Schlußkommentar … Read More

Sink Tests (Finally!)

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Well guys, we’ve finally solved the “which way the water swirls” question.  Yes, I just shot the final video of water draining in our bathroom sink here at home… and before our flight out of Sydney, I shot that sink … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 16

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Today is not over… It’s a long one.  We traveled back in time and arrived in SFO before we left SYD.  So today will be 19 hours longer than a normal day for us.  But one thing is for sure. … Read More

Track our Flight Back to San Francisco

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Do you have nothing better to do but track our flight back home? I knew it. Great! Just go to either of these links. We’re on Qantas Flight 73. Or for the fancy Google Earth 3D way, … Read More

Last Day …

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Can it really be that today, Day 16 of our trip, is already our last day? The one when we are leaving Sydney, and Australia? I guess it is so. After city sightseeing, mountain hiking, Outback driving, coast exploring, animal … Read More

Packing & Heading Home

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Well, this is it.  We’re packing up our gear and about to head out to the airport soon.  Our trip is about over… our summer Christmas is about to end.  Andrea and I both had a great time and hope … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 15

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Here is our last photo gallery post from Australia.  We’ll probably post another one when we get back home.  It was just a mellow day of walking, shopping and eating.  Enjoy the photos after the break.


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Finally, on Day 15, we got to do one of the most important things: souvenir shopping! 😉 With high expectations on our trip, Christmas just outside our door step and usual gift shop addictions, we had to go out and … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 14

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Here’s the photos for Day 14.  Yesterday was all about a rain forest and butterflies.  So that’s what you’ll see.  Click the link to see the gallery after the break.

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