Changing of the Guard

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While we’d love to make this as lazy of a day as possible, we have a couple of agenda items that require us to roll out of bed at a decent time and get going. First up: breakfast at the … Read More

Off to Stockholm, Sweden!

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It is time to say Goodbye to Tromsø as we leave the freshly snow-coated city through the maze of tunnels under the hills. Never have you seen less daylight when crossing an island than here – the tunnel starts in … Read More

A Lazy Day in Tromsø

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After getting back to the hotel after 4am last night it’s a very late and lazy start into this Monday in Tromsø. The weather is not making getting up and out any easier as it is a toss up between … Read More

Bergen: City of Seven Mountains

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We have a full day to explore Bergen, Norway’s second largest city located on the west coast of the country. While quite large, the downtown (and touristy) area is easily walkable. Even from our hotel (CityBox), a 5 minute walk … Read More

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