Day 16: Photo Gallery

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  Watch the crank tool! There are plenty of trailers to make ours look BIG Serious driver? Just some facts Burney Falls It’s pouring out from the rocks At the falls Full falls view Snapping downriver Romantic Different angle Loophole … Read More

Day 16: Lassen to Home

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Our last day of the trip has officially come, as we pack up the campsite, truck & trailer one last time before heading to Burney Falls Bakery & Deli for breakfast to get ready for the sights yet to come! … Read More

Day 15: Photo Gallery

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  Good morning Oregon Early start Ukiah-Dale State Park Heading south 45th Parallel Oregon views Lots of pretty nothing Still going Due south 2 hours later Sand dunes Abert Lake Birds gathered at the lake Reflections Still south Break time … Read More

Day 14: Photo Gallery

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  Back from the shower West Glacier, MT KOA Stop for some huckleberry jam Long drive ahead Libby, City of Eagles Kootenai Falls Making our way to the falls Looking back at swinging bridge The falls Andrea & Kirk Back … Read More

Day 13: Photo Gallery

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  Site B04 at St. Mary KOA – Glacier East Welcome to the National Park Driving along St. Mary Lake The ol’ red bus Wild Goose Island Snow! Bear attack! Mirror Impressive Mountains Snapping away Rough edges Looking out over … Read More

Day 12: Photo Gallery

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  Us in Canada! Lake Minnewanka Heading out of Banff Bye bye Banff Maple creme cookie. Yum! Heading to Calgary Better him than me! Leaving tha park Attack elk? Oh I read that wrong. 1 East Hey, Eh! Turning right … Read More

Day 12: Due South…

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Well, this is it, our last day in Canada.  We awoke again without the assistance of our alarm clocks… only to realize that if we didn’t use alarm clocks, we’ve be late for work every day.  Well, Andrea would.  Myself … Read More

Day 11: Photo Gallery

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  Working on 3 days of blog updates Banff… Site 811 WTF?!? Up! Banff Starting our journey Flying Squirrel… He was fast! Hurry up Kirk! Gondola Lunch at the stream Apple anyone? Da da da daaa! Looking down the mountain … Read More

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