Finding Fun in Albuquerque!

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What do you get when you take a guy (Kirk) who wanted a simple camping trailer, and a girl (Andrea) who wanted a full size motorhome? You get the Fun Finder X-139!

Barely 14 feet long, this baby has it all! A true trailer on the outside, an all-inclusive home-on-the-road inside … full bathroom included!

And after we had seen this fun little thing at the Sacramento RV Show in early March, we were hooked. Finding it (used) anywhere near the Bay Area turned out to be impossible, so we ventured out … over a long weekend all the way to Albuquerque, NM! That’s 1050 miles – each way! Yikes!

But once you’ll see the pictures – including some snapshops from along the way – you’ll understand that it was worth every one of the 2100 miles round trip! Check out the Photo Gallery below … and get ready for more posts in the future, featuring our Tiny Trailer!

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