A day on the town … (Photos)

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Day 11 (April 12, 2011)

After a breakfast at the room (all 7 of us), Kirk & I are heading out for some sightseeing in Phuket Town, and we are in for quite some sights indeed!

Not only do we see scooters loaded with up to 4 people (saw 5 the day before, but no photo to prove it), but several parts of the main town that even I had not been to before! After being dropped off at the Clock tower downtown, we pass the Hock Guan Kong temple before heading to Old Town, where Chinese and Portuguese (?) influences are (somewhat) still visible.

Then we check out the Wat PuttamongkonNimit temple, where/when the heat and humidity are slowly but surely getting to us. After a quick break, we are back on the road, strolling north & south thru Phuket, discovering the bus transfer station (huh?) and then a nice, air-conditioned hotel lobby bar with great mango shakes!

Then we’re heading past the market hall (no shopping today!) to lunch in Phuket Bay. After our Tuk Tuk picks us back up and takes us downtown, we’re ready for the shuttle back to the hotel.

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