Let the vacation begin! (Photos)

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Day 2-5  (April 03-06, 2011)

It’s been too long since the last vacation, but since we’ve got the next couple of days to get into it (before “part 1” of the trip gets started: the dive boat). Relaxing at the beautiful Marriott Beach Club at Mai Khao Beach, we get in the right mood!

First day is Monday, and we have our first beach massage that morning! What a way to kick things off! Add pool time, ocean stroll and more relaxation and the day is “packed” with important things to cover! The following day, Wes joins us at the hotel, to enjoy some sun and a massage at the beach as well.

Ready to get into dive mode, we are heading out of the hotel on Wednesday, down to Kata Beach, where we meet up with Thien and Miz and get all set up for a refresher-dive off the beach. Practicing your basics is helpful when your last dive was over 1 1/2 years ago!

Ready … set … go! By 5:30pm we’re getting on the “school bus” (per Kody) which takes us to Patong Beach, where the “Scuba Explorer” awaits! Also on this trip: Renee, who had been on the liveaboard with us 5 years ago.

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