Water World … 4 Nights and 3 Days: Part 2 (Photos)

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Day 7  (April 08, 2011) … Dive Day #2

The 2nd day in the water was all about Richelieu Rock, one of the most famous dive sites in the area. Named by Jacques Cousteau, supposedly after the French Cardinal from the middle age (remember the bad guy in The 3 Musketeers?) for his purple clothes, this dive site shows off its beautiful soft corals (purple!) and wide variety of fish throughout all of today’s dives.

While the first 2 dives go well, I have to cut the 3rd one short as we go down to 90+ feet a bit too quickly given the (very) poor visibility. Oops … well, all came out fine!

Big sights today include the Cuttlefish and a group

of Durban Dancing Shrimp … and for some in the group a Yellow Tiger Tail Seahorse and a Harlequin Shrimp!

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