Now That’s a Philly Cheesesteak (USA – Day 14)

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Although we don’t see a “Pennsylvania Welcome sign” as we cross the bridge from New Jersey, we are excited about checking out two sights here in Philly – the Liberty Bell and the Rocky Steps. But for the 2nd time on our trip, the traffic gods are not with us, and morning rush hour is taking its toll on our travel time. In addition, downtown Philly is not truck & trailer-friendly, and the parking “lots” (per Google) turn out to be garages, making our first stop impossible. PA drivers then ruin the 2nd stop – literally blocking us from taking the exit that would have taken us to the steps made famous in the Rocky movies. And traffic is so bad, a detour is out of reach.

A little frustrated, we continue north through PA, and soon enough stop for gas … and as it turns out for “one of the best Philly Cheese Steak” places in the greater Philly area! Our spirits are lifting as we dig into our 19 inch (!) sandwich …

It is soon enough on to some more PA turnpike driving (pretty poor road conditions given the steep tolls we’re paying), and by mid-afternoon we arrive in Hemlock Farms, PA. A small community in the middle of nowhere – buy it is home to the next Air Force friends on Kirk’s list: Mike C., his fiancée Heather and 3 of their kids: Ava, Josh and Alex. It is time to play catch up, and we all have a great time over dinner.

We head out around 9pm to get some more driving in tonight, and make it for about another hour, before we stop at a rest station along I-81 S.

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