Our Mini-Honeymoon

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The happily married couple!With all the good weather used up for our wedding day & weekend, things get a bit stormy & wet during our mini-honeymoon (I’m talking about the weather!).

Three days after the big day in late February, we’ve got the trailer packed & truck going. With J.T. in tow, we head south on Hwy 101 towards Soledad, CA. There is no campground on the west side of Pinnacles National Park, so we decide to scratch that idea and go off the grid. On the other side of the freeway we head into the hills to Arroyo Seco. Here in California’s westernmost National forest, the campground offers views of the Ventana Wilderness mountain peaks and one small lake … a very green one!

During our 3 1/2 days in the woods, we have a full 3 days of rain. The heavy, drenching, pouring type. But the propane heater in our trailer works and being the only campers in the entire park (the one camp host guy not considered) is kinda romantic.

Relaxing, enjoying a sunny afternoon walk along the Arroyo Seco River gorge trail and dinner in town (at a little Mexican restaurant in Soledad, 25 min from the camp) as well as listening to the rain for the most part is our program for this trip.
Plus: hoping for some more excursion-friendly weather for our big honeymoon trip in April!

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  1. Laura Alexander
    | Reply

    Sounds like you made the best of a very wet time!

  2. Sasha Butler
    | Reply

    Hi there! We just bought a X139 Funfinder this weekend. I came across your site while looking for campsites near our home in No. CA. We have a Tacoma too. 🙂 Have you had any trouble towing with the Tacoma? We want to head to Lassen in the Spring but were worried about the elevation gain. Thanks for all the good trip posts. Fun to look at! Best, Sasha

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