1 Step (Day) Closer …

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It’s Tuesday. Really? Not yet Wednesday? Can’t wait ’til next week Wednesday.  But then again – not much more than a week left and I have NOT yet (1) packed, (2) started to put my stuff together, (3) or even made a to-pack list! Yikes!  That’s what you get for working on getting your website up and running in time for the trip (ok, I’m just “in charge”, but Kirk is the one actually “doing stuff” to get the site ready).  And we’re driving each other crazy already … like right now: he’s taking photos/video of me typing my post … for his 2nd post! Das kann ja mal heiter werden! 🙂

Anyways … nothing to report out just yet, really.  Just working on my share of the “battling blogs” (kinda/sorta like the “dueling pianos” I guess). Don’t expect any fancy pictures (just yet).

But the bi-lingual part is all mine … obwohl: wir haben ein Uebersetzungsprogramm installiert (gleich rechts) …

Es gibt viel zu tun, packen wir’s an! Ready … Set … Go! (in 8 days, 52 minutes)

Andi The Tourguide  (aka Andrea)

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