Gadgets for our Australia Trip

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Kirk here. As you might, I kind of like gadgets.  Yes, I actually own that 1992 Motorola DynaTAC to the left… unfortunately, it won’t work in Australia, or anywhere for that matter. Darn! For this trip I’m bringing a few toys with me and wanted to show you what’s being packed.

I also wanted to test out my work-flow for uploading photos here.  First, I’ll be transferring the photos from the memory card to my laptop.  Then I’ll use Picasa to manage the photos upload them to my Picasa Web Album account.  Finally I’ll logon to this website (which runs WordPress) and use the Picasa Image Express plug-in to link it all together.  All this will be happening from some random Aussie cyber-cafe we find on our trek.


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  1. Andi
    | Reply

    It’s me, The Tour Guide …
    Just making sure I’m still coming along …
    MY camera eqipment made it only to 9th place (out of 10) in this list of gadgets! Impressive? Hmmm … (then again – the underwater shots of Kirk’s first dive will still win the audience award, right? my camera … just can’t be without it!)

  2. Abe
    | Reply

    Love the site! Will be checking back frequently. It was great to see you Kirk, and nice to meet you Andrea. Hope you both have a wonderful trip!

  3. Sabine
    | Reply

    I’m sooo jealous now! Can I come too? I don’t mind being 97th place on the packing list!
    Kirk – love the flight tracker links, I use flight aware myself all the time!
    Happy landings and watch out for the crocs!

  4. Stephanie Davilla
    | Reply

    Let the geek fest begin! I read Kirk’s post and what I heard was “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” If you’ve ever seen the Peanuts cartoons on TV this is the sound the teacher makes when she is talking. See…if I was Kirk the tech guru, I could have imbedded a clip from the cartoon.

    Have a groovy time and don’t lose each other.

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