Back in Sydney

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We flew back into Sydney late last night via Virgin Blue and now staying at the Sydney Marriott.

Having a bit of trouble with one of our bags.  I think it’ll make it back home, but it’s well past life support right now.  First one wheel buckled, then another.  Finally the pulling handle broke.  I’m ready to throw it in front of a train.  But it’ll make it back home.  We only have to get it to the airport, check it in, and get it from SFO to home.  We’ll see if it breaks first… or me.  Haha.

We’ll get the photos from yesterday up shortly and tell you what we did yesterday.  This is our last full day in Sydney.  We’re going to relax, do our final packing, eat, nap, head down somewhere cool to explore and pick up some souvenirs, have dinner, and sleep.

Tomorrow afternoon is when we fly back home.  It’s funny… we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon from Sydney, and arriving tomorrow morning in San Francisco.  If I have trouble with that dang bag after I arrive in SF, I can call myself back in Sydney to tell me to just buy a new bag before I leave. 🙂

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  1. Andi
    | Reply

    Hmmm. Question to Sabine: Sounds familiar?! (haha)

  2. Sabine
    | Reply

    Dodgy bags and Moi??? Never!!! (At least I’ll stick to that statement until photographic evidence to the contrary is presented!) 😀

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