July 4th in South Lake Tahoe

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It’s another holiday weekend that we get to spend in the mountains! 4th of July holiday in South Lake Tahoe brings a great fireworks show – sitting at the beach near the Anderson’s Cabin, we can watch the main show from the casinos in Stateline, but also see the far away fireworks from Incline Village and Tahoe City! Kristina, Clae and Kody brought cousin Giovanna up for the weekend, and Kirk & I get to claim the cabin’s guest room … Read More

Memorial Day in Calaveras Big Trees

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It’s J.T.’s birthday weekend, and we’re heading into the sierras for a long weekend in Calaveras Big Trees State Park, just outside of Arnold, CA on Hwy 4. Unlike 3 years ago in our 2nd Fun Finder season, this Memorial Day weekend does NOT have snow in the forecast. Or rain.Or anything in between. Season 5 is so much better … although the elevation is comparable to Pinecrest, CA, the winter was nowhere near the same (drought!), making for a … Read More

AndiTheTourGuide.com to Twitter to Facebook

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Andrea’s boyfriend here… testing the connections between https://andithetourguide.com, http://twitter.com/TourGuideAndi, and her Facebook page. She’ll be posting LIVE updates here on her website via her Android phone during her walk today. The post will also automatically update Twitter and Facebook. If she had to update all 3 sites manually on her phone, she’d get blisters on her fingers in addition to the ones she’ll be getting on her feet. 🙂

13 Mile Training Walk in SF

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Judy, Teri and Andrea are off on their Avon Walk for Breast Cancer training walk this morning in San Francisco. The training walk is only 13 miles compared to the 39 they are doing in July. This will be a good test to see how their “untrained” feet handle the streets of San Francisco If you’re in the city and see them, don’t run them over! Honking is okay though 🙂

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