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Yuck! Kangaroo saliva.

It is Day 6 of our trip and as we are leaving Surfers Paradise, heading towards Brisbane, we know one thing for sure: we will see Koalas today!

After all, we are spending the day at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary today. Located just outside downtown, in one of the Brisbane River bends, this small park is a must see for animal lovers! Open since 1927, it is home to the largest number of Koalas in captivity (132), and all staff members must know them apart and by name.

Snapping away from the very moment we set foot on the premises (ok, right after we had put our rain ponchos on, since the downpour started as we were getting the tickets), we took well over a thousand photos! Check out today’s photo gallery for the best of the best of the best.

Back to the animals … The Koalas are separated into different areas, including the “Bachelors’ Pad”, the “Young Ladies”, the “Kindergarten”, the “Boys”, the “Mums & Babies” (our all time favorite), etc. Despite them sleeping for 18-20 hours per day, we found the Koalas to be very active (eating, scratching, eating, climbing over each other, eating, yawning, eating and sleeping) during our visit.

You can’t get enough of them, but at some point, you want to check out the other  animals in the sanctuary, including the kangaroos. Off in a large area, we were able to walk around & amongst them, camera in one hand, roo food in the other – ready to get some (inter-) action! Used to people hanging out in their space, the kangaroos are friendly and curious, and always looking for a snack! Feeding them is simple and fun! Only when the snack bag is empty, but the scar-nosed roo is still expecting more (and letting you know so by tapping on your hip with his front paws), that’s when it gets interesting! (Sabine … don’t expect any pics like the one I got with you back in 2000!) But the professional animal handler that I am, all went well and we (the roo and I) came to an understanding that he would have to go up to Kirk for more. See the above photo for an “after” shot!

After an exciting day filled with Koalas and Kangaroos and more, we checked into the Brisbane Marriott, enjoyed dinner along the River Boardwalk and a pretty skyline view at night.

Ready for more animal encounters? Well, gotta wait until Day 7! 🙂

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