Caveman ♥ Cavewoman (USA – Day 4)

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Happy Birthday, J.T.! It’s been exactly 4 years ago on Memorial Day morning that J.T. found us at Joshua Tree NP! We pack up from our campground and get started on our journey as we climb up the Sacramento Mountains … Read More

Mile 0 of 8000 Miles (USA – Day 1)

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It has been waaayy too long since our last camping trip – but now we ARE on the road again, finally! We will be “on tour” for 3 ½ weeks total, going all across the continental USA and back. Why? … Read More

One More Surprise! [Day 19]

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While the day’s schedule is packed with post-wedding surprises (the wedding guests “decorate” the couple’s apartment according to the tradition), brunch and a family photographer session, we have yet another surprise planned! But not for the newlyweds – this one … Read More

An Austrian Wedding [Day 18]

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The big day is here – the main reason for everyone’s trip to Goetzis! Tina & Charly are getting married … after 13 ½ years (to the day … they met on January the 13th, 13 years ago)! The bride … Read More

Exploring Götzis, Austria [Day 17]

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So many people, so many plans! Everyone gets to do what they want to do today – while Charly takes Kirk to the “Fruehschoppen” and fire department parade in the next town over, Sabine & Jon opt for a hike … Read More

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