Off to Scandinavia!

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Another year, another adventure! When winter just doesn’t get cold enough in the Bay Area, we head north. Well east, then north … to Norway, the first country of our Scandinavia adventure! My parents have come all the way from … Read More

Alaska Day 12 – Exploring Juneau

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After leaving Haines just before 9pm last night, our ship has reached Juneau just before 8am this morning. Forecast calls for another day of rain, so the gear remains at hand. The extremely high water levels (flood stage) and strong … Read More

Alaska Day 10 – Glacier Bay National Park

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Tidewater glaciers are great rivers of ice that flow to the sea and calve large chunks of ice into the ocean. The bay boasts seven such tidewater glaciers, including famous Margerie Glacier – one of Alaska’s most photographed features and … Read More

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