In 39 days, I will be walking 39.3 miles in the fight against breast cancer … Donate now!

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2010 Avon Walk SF

Please support me with a donation of $39!

The 2011 Avon Walk For Breast Cancer – San Francisco dates are approaching quickly!

On Tuesday, May 31st, I will officially be 39 days away from a life-changing weekend.

39.3 is also the amount of miles the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer offers over the course of two days.

I am taking this opportunity to ask for your support. Thank you for taking the time to read my updates and considering a donation – however big or small.

Save your skinny latte cup of coffee tomorrow and donate $3.93 into my fund. Or go big and donate $39.30 and get me that much closer to my goal! Wherever your $$ amount of choice falls, I am very thankful and would not be able to do it without you!

Donate now! The walk weekend of July 09+10 is only 39 days away!



Walker, Team Hope For Hooters

PS. And if you’ve donated already: here’s an even Bigger Thank You!!


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