Pink … Gloves!

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This weekend had to pass without any progress in my walk training – but sometimes there are more immediate things that need your support. With my blisters from last weekend almost gone, I’m ready for some new miles being added to my shoes!

But the “pink cause” does not go unnoticed even for a day. A big “Danke schön” to my sister Tina, who not only made a generous donation to my Avon Walk fundraising pot, but also sent me a link which is worth spending 3 min 38 sec on: The Pink Glove Dance! A hospital staff decided to raise breast cancer awareness and funds by having the entire team dance – with pink gloves on. Funny and a great idea. And if they get a million hits on YouTube, they get a major donation! Check it out:

If you feel like donating to my Avon Walk fund, please click the pink link on the right side of my website. I’m getting closer to the minimum, and have surpassed the half-way mark to my personal goal, but still need more $$ support to get there. We’re 39 days away from the 39 mile walk. This is it: it’s getting serious!

Thank you to everyone who has already donated so generously! And thank you to everyone else for spending time thinking about this important topic …

Happy Memorial Day!

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