On the Road Again

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Time flies when you’re having fun … or when you’re taking the truck & trailer to the car wash to scrub off the sand and dust from the last 10 days! So after checking out from our RV Resort and getting the sand washed off, we’re heading out of Moab and onto our next adventure. It’s a scenic drive once we get onto Hwy 24 towards Capitol Reef National Park and our next overnight stop in Torrey, at the Wonderland … Read More

Potash Road to Shafer Trail

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Kirk & his truck (ok, all of us) cannot get enough of off-roading! While the White Rim Road through Canyonland NP requires a permit, we are happy to do just a day-tip along the Colorado River, on Potash Road past the Potash (Solar Evaporation) Ponds and into the National Park. The road brings some tricky turns, narrowly avoiding the cliffs dropping off right next to us but also exposing us to some beautiful overviews along the Colorado. Once past the … Read More

Canyonlands National Park & Dead Horse Point State Park

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Here’s a brand-new national park for our books: Canyonlands. Located right outside Moab, pretty much across the street from Arches, this park couldn’t be more different than Arches from the other. We head out north of Moab, to the Island In the Sky part/entrance of the park. How to describe it? A must-see. A blend of Grand Canyon and Monument Valley meets off-roaders dreams! But for day 1, we’ll stay on the paved roads…  After getting our bearings at the … Read More

Arches National Park – Delicate, Windows & Double Arches

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How this is already our last day inside Arches National Park I don’t know, but since our trip has more highlights yet to come, we slowly make our way out of the park. The Bambi is all packed up again as we plan the various sights to stop at on our way out. Stop 1 is what this park is most known for – or at least what’s the most recognizable arch in Arches: The Delicate Arch. Nestled about in … Read More

Arches National Park – Garden of Eden & Fiery Furnace

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A slow day spent mostly at our site, as we enjoy the quiet, the views and explore the campground & its surrounding rocks a little bit.  In the afternoon, in time for some pre-sunset photos, we head out to the Garden of Eden Viewpoint. Just a few miles south of the campground, the rocks look different, with more columns or spires. J.T. explore the areas near the parking lot (no dogs allowed away from paved paths), Kirk & his camera … Read More

Arches National Park – Devils Garden

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Another sunrise right from our bedroom window … Site #14 is not a shabby one!  While Kirk & J.T. are happy to sleep in, I’m getting up early, ready for a little hike along the Devil’s Garden Trails. It’s too early for the masses to have gotten here yet, but still more people out than I would have expected. So once I’ve reached the Landscape Arch Overview (it’s an easy walk to here), I continue on, scaling some rocks to … Read More

Moki Dugway or Bust!

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Well – waking up to the sun rising over the rock formations of the Valley of The Gods, all right outside your bedroom window – it’s hard to beat. Unfortunately, the next stop on our trip is one of my personal favorites, so Kirk’s plea to stay another night goes unheard … but instead we promise to come back soon – and stay for long!  Leaving the Valley via the remaining few dirt miles, we head north and pull the … Read More

Horseshoe Bend & COVID Cancelations

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What we were supposed to do today is go to explore the Secret Canyon and Horseshoe Bend on Indian Reservation land with a small tour group. Since the pandemic however, all Navajo-land is closed to visitors and with that, all tours are cancelled. No photo-tour for us … bummer. But given limited tourists in the area because of COVID, we’re able to get into and enjoy the National Park Service’s Horseshoe Bend Overlook. While busy, it’s not crowded or overrun … Read More

NV, AZ, UT or AZ?

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After a long drive we are now ready to get the last few freeway miles in, crossing from Nevada into Arizona, along the Virgin River and into Utah. And as soon as we’re there, we’re heading east, cutting south of Zion National Park (planned for later) and dropping back into Arizona. Why? Well, we’re on our scenic route to Page, AZ, and our drive will take us through Kaibab Indian Reservation, National Forest and past the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. … Read More

Utah, Here We Come!

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Once the work laptops are shut down one last time, Kirk, J.T. and I jump in the truck, trailer hitched up and ready to go! Wouldn’t be a real trailer trip if the first day isn’t all about getting some miles in on I-5, since we’re getting started after a day of work. After a quick overnight near Bakersfield, CA, we cross the Mojave Desert on I-15 into Las Vegas, where we take the “scenic route” along the Vegas Strip. … Read More

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