On the Train…

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Well, this is it. We are on BART heading to SFO. Andrea and I both wish you a great Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey for us since we are skipping over it when we cross the International Date Line and land on Friday.

Track our Flight in Real Time

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Kirk here again. I’m trying to find out how to embed the tracking map in this post. But I can’t get it to work just yet. Ugh. Instead, download and install Google Earth. Then download the following KML file (geH1702530.kml) to load in Google Earth. With this, you’ll be to track our flight live in 3D with Google Earth courtesy of Flightwise.com. Of course that won’t happen till we leave. We depart tonight (Nov 25) at 10:50pm from SFO on … Read More

Now on Twitter!

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Anytime we write any new posts here, you’ll see it on my Twitter page too.  So follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date on our Australian adventures. Kirk out.

Gadgets for our Australia Trip

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Kirk here. As you might, I kind of like gadgets.  Yes, I actually own that 1992 Motorola DynaTAC to the left… unfortunately, it won’t work in Australia, or anywhere for that matter. Darn! For this trip I’m bringing a few toys with me and wanted to show you what’s being packed. I also wanted to test out my work-flow for uploading photos here.  First, I’ll be transferring the photos from the memory card to my laptop.  Then I’ll use Picasa … Read More

1 Step (Day) Closer …

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It’s Tuesday. Really? Not yet Wednesday? Can’t wait ’til next week Wednesday.  But then again – not much more than a week left and I have NOT yet (1) packed, (2) started to put my stuff together, (3) or even made a to-pack list! Yikes!  That’s what you get for working on getting your website up and running in time for the trip (ok, I’m just “in charge”, but Kirk is the one actually “doing stuff” to get the site … Read More

8 Days, 23 Hours and 37 Minutes…

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8 days, 23 hours and 37 minutes to what?  Well, Andrea and I are about to take our first big vacation together.  We’ve taken trips together; San Diego, Las Vegas, my Mom’s place for dinner.  Hey, they’re all baby steps.  But this one is big.  I mean BIG big!  14.5 hours on an airplane stuck next to her on the way there.  2 weeks stuck together during our trip.  13.5 hours again on a plane of her stuck next to … Read More

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