Our Trip to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia Comes to an End

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14 days, 5 countries, 7 hotels, 8 flights, 8 trains, 7 buses, 2 taxis, 3 boats, 2 funiculars, 8 trams, 2 pairs of legs and 2 rides in Kirk’s truck… it was a fun adventure for our 5-year wedding anniversary (10 years together)!

Some takeaways from the trip:

  • Norway is the most expensive country from our trip (and any country we’ve ever visited).
  • Helsinki, Finland was our coldest. Only -2°C but the wind chills (kills)!
  • Cutest is a toss-up between Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia and Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Best food was in Sweden. Go for the Fish Soup and Swedish Meatballs!
  • Most beautiful was Norway’s fjords. The Nærøyfjord is a must see!
  • Biggest disappointment was not getting to see the full display of the Northern Lights. Mother nature has its own schedule so we’ll have to attempt a Northern Lights adventure another time.

While we called this our “Scandinavian Trip,” Finland isn’t technically part of Scandinavia. So then we could call it our “Nordic Trip,” however the last minute addition of Estonia, that’s not so accurate either.

To be the most accurate, this trip is our “layover in Munich, Germany (passport entry to the EU), Norway, Finland, Norway, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and one last layover stop in Munich trip!”


Many people thought we were crazy for going in the winter. However we think the off-season is the best time to go. Bundling up for the cold by far outweighs the masses of tourists during the high-season. It was peaceful and we got to really get to see it more from a local perspective.

We both had a great time exploring all the places listed above and wanted to especially thank our friends Vibeke (for being our virtual tour guide in Oslo), and Janel (for being our tour guide in Helsinki).

We hope you enjoyed flowing us during our adventure. Where will we go next? We have a couple smaller trips on our schedule; a birthday trip to the Eastern US and to Chicago this summer to see the A’s play (beat) the Cubs and White Sox.

The next big trip abroad? Stay tuned… 🙂

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    Welcome home! Now get planning the details for our trip next month!

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