John Gray’s Sea Canoe: x3 (Photos)

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Day 14 (April 15, 2011)

What has become almost a must-do will be my 3rd time: a day trip with John Gray’s Sea Canoe to Phang Na Bay. While Kristina & Clae hang back at the hotel (the tour schedule is not in Kody’s best napping-interest), I have to pleasure to bring Kirk & my parents on this great excursion!

After we depart from Ah Po pier, we get our instructions from Eiw, our guide leader, as well as a great lunch. And soon enough, we’re at the first island of the day: Hong Island. Everybody gets into their canoe (2 people plus the “driver”), and off we go. Thru the cave into the hong (lagoon inside the island) we go …

After some free time (for self-paddling or swimming), we head to our 2nd island, where we are working on building our kratongs (offerings) before heading out on 1 more canoe trip by daylight. Thru the bat cave, we reach the 2 lagoons tucked away in the island. Back on the ocean, we paddle around “a corner” to the next entrance: the oyster cave! And while we’re all steering clear of the sharp edges of the oyster shells that giove the cave its name, one of the canoes gets too close to them and pffffttt … a quarter of the air is out! (But no worries, nobody’s sinking just yet!)

Then it’s time for dinner (great food, again!), followed by our night paddle tour into the bat cave. Here is where we light the kratongs and let the float (a Thai / original Chinese tradition for a festival in November).

And after an hour boat ride back, we’re on our way to the hotel for some well deserved sleep!

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