The Largest Temple and the Biggest Buddha (Photos)

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Day 13 (April 14, 2011)

As we’re getting into the 2nd half of our 2nd week in Thailand, we need to get some moew sightseeing and also some shopping done! Therefore, Kristina ,Clae, Kody, Heidi, Rainer, Kirk & I are headed towards the southern part of the Phuket Island again.

First stop on today’s route:  WatChalong, the island’s largest temple. With several buildings throughout the complex, an hour plus is quickly spent with just short visits into each of them. Temple workers are also lighting firecrackers in the fireplace outside, as part of this week’s Thai New Year celebration.

After that, we’re continuing on, to the Big Buddha. Being built since 2007 (main construction is completed), this statue represents the largest Buddha statue in Thailand! Quite impressive by itself, the stunning views into all directions are an added bonus!

Then it is time for a late lunch, followed by shopping at the Phuket Town market hall (mall), where locals and tourists alike spend their money.

What a day!

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