Racing Up the East Coast (USA – Day 10)

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We are on the road by 10:30am, but our first stop is only a quick 11 miles away: we’re visiting our (former) neighbors from Livermore – Theresa & Raheem! They just moved here this past spring, and with their home along our route, we are sure to stop by!

Their new home is in a quiet, beautiful neighborhood of Port St. Lucie, and they are making brunch for us! Their 2 daughters, Nikolina and Sophia seem to have settled in and already look like real Florida beach girls! J.T. and Versace remember each other (while Riley has to stay in her room as she and J.T. never did warm up to each other). It’s nice to catch up, but eventually we have to hit the road, and it is almost 3pm when we do so.

I-95 North will be ours for several states over the next day and a half, and today’s agenda still includes a visit to the beach. We pull off the freeway in Dayton Beach, and stop at the Daytona International Speedway, home of the Daytona 500. We head to the beach, and drive up A1A right along the water’s edge … Atlantic Ocean, we are here! We stop for dinner at a public park on the beach, and enjoy our sandwiches, a quick toe-dip into the (warm!) water and then hide in the truck again as the tropical storm is approaching and rain is starting to pour down on us.

Back on I-95 we head towards Jacksonville and soon after cross the border into Georgia. The rest area shortly afterwards will be our overnight stopping point for today.

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