Visiting Family in Florida (USA – Day 9)

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I bring gifts!
I bring gifts!

It is time to do what we came to do – see Kirk’s Aunt Pat and Dave, and check out the Sylvester family heirlooms (including furniture, fiddles, and photos) left by his late Grandma Nettie.

Pat and Dave treat us to breakfast at a local place (Alice’s Restaurant) in town, and we get a chance to catch up. Back at the condo, we go through all the items that Pat would want us to take, and flip through stacks and boxes of family photos and knickknacks.

Anything we can fit, we pack into the cedar chest that Nettie’s grandpa had made way back when in Nebraska. The packed chest, a small dresser, a milk can seat and a mini stool as well as Nettie’s fiddle will all get neatly packed and wrapped for the 5,000 mile and 2-week trip home. We’ll need to stop by the Home Depot to get packing material, so we leave them to do that and also to check on J.T. who we had left in the air-conditioned trailer (as Dave is allergic).

We meet back up for dinner and again get treated to a local place with great food – the Prawnbroker. With our bellies full, we head back to the condo and wrap all the items up for transport. It takes a couple of hours, but once it’s all loaded into the bed of the truck, nothing will shift, rattle or move – until we get back to Livermore!

After a quick slice of pie it is already time to say goodbye again to Aunt Pat and to Dave, and we return to the campground to get some rest.


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