Farley Family Farm (USA – Day 18)

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It’s a late breakfast for everyone, but soon enough more Farley family joins us at Mike & Lynn’s house – Judy as well as Shirley & Rich are coming over, and we’re all having a great time catching up!

By early afternoon, Mike is taking on a “tour” to show us the sights of Princeton, IL. Not only the 4 huge flags at the freeway exit to guide visitors to President Ronald Reagan’s birthplace (about 30 miles from here), or the huge new water tower (big enough for a town of 40,000 … let alone the 4,800 who live here), but more importantly the old Farley farm, where Kirk’s mom Pat and her siblings grew up, the high school in Malden (where Pat graduated from)and other hometown highlights, but also the historical covered bridge (as well as the new covered bridge).

The family gets back together for dinner, and Kirk and I enjoy being hosted, fed, entertained – and have a chance to take a break and relax – as we’re spending quality time with family. And to make the day even better, both the A’s and the White Sox win their respective games this evening (the Warriors not so much) …

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