100,000 Miles — for the Taco at Least (USA – Day 21)

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It’s a bright and sunny morning as we leave the Beaumont, KS rest area and continue on Hwy 400 west. Soon enough we reach Wichita and turn north onto I-135, which will take us to I-70 west. The Tacoma crossed its 100,000 miles mark, and we just drive on.

From here on out, it will be 880 miles that we stay on I-70 … but not so fast! While Kansas seems to be a never-ending state when you drive along the freeway, it’s actually beautifully calming. And getting tougher on the truck (or should I say the gas mileage) as we climb the high plains going west.

After what feels like forever (but actually only 254 miles), we are moving the clock back 1 hour to Mountain Time zone, as we are finally ready to leave Kansas behind and cross over into Colorado. What stays the same is our freeway (I-70 west) and the continued climb up higher. 181 miles to Denver, CO and then about 30 more to our campground west of Denver in Central City, CO.

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