We’re Not in Kansas Anymore (USA – Day 20)

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Today holds our last “visit” for this trip! By mid-morning, we are back on the road and head further south, to Marshfield, MO, where we will meet for the first time ever cousins of Kirk’s dad. A little out of our original way, but definitely worth the detour.

We get to meet the Keeler family, including Dianne – the daughter of Paul Burnett, who was the brother of Kirk’s grandma Nettie Sylvester – and her husband Leray, her brother Wayne Burnett, Doren and Lisa Keeler, as well as Lisa Lampe and a couple more family members.

They made lunch for us – including a delicious blackberry cobbler – and after a few hours of exchanging family stories, we are back on the road. We’re heading west, following I-44 just across the border into Oklahoma. Then it’s off the interstate and onto county roads, where we immediately cross into the next state: Kansas, where we are heading first north and soon west towards Wichita.

A big thunder & lightning storm catches up to us well after dark, so we pull off at a rest area to spend the night.

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