28 States, 44 Friends & 8181 Miles — We Are Home! (USA – Day 24)

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The final stretch home …

After leaving Austin, we still have a long way to go until we leave Hwy 50 to finally get back onto I-80 west just outside of Reno. We stop just before the state border and Kirk attempts to win our vacation money by investing $20 in the slot machines – unsuccessfully.

Then we cross into California, over the Donner Pass and descend to Sacramento. From here on it’s a very familiar trip home (same route as from Rollins Lake), and by 6:00 PM we are finally home!

After 3 weeks and 2 days of travelling, including 166 hours of driving (8,181 miles) through 28 States (or 27 plus DC), and visiting with 44 people it is time to unpack, clean up and relax!

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