Texas is a Big Drive (USA – Day 5)

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The sun isn’t even out yet as we get back on the road (yep, still I-10 E) and continue onward. It is hot, and muggy when we stop for lunch, and not much better as we cross through San Antonio and later through Houston, TX. But we are getting closer!

Kirk does most of the driving today, as I am working from my “mobile office” – fully connected with our two Wi-Fi hotspots working overtime!

And by 6:30pm, we finally reach our destination: Sulphur, LA. Shortly after crossing into Louisiana, we get to Ricki & Kayla’s House, where we will stay the next day and a half to catch up with our friends. And eventually, J.T. will befriend Griddlebone, Atombomb and Frankie Boudin, too!

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