Caveman ♥ Cavewoman (USA – Day 4)

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Happy Birthday, J.T.!

It’s been exactly 4 years ago on Memorial Day morning that J.T. found us at Joshua Tree NP!

We pack up from our campground and get started on our journey as we climb up the Sacramento Mountains east of Alamogordo, through the Lincoln National Forest. At a beautiful outlook point we stop and actually run into Steve Bell again, who is coming back from early morning Harley ride.

Soon we are on the road again, to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. A little detour worth the time. J.T. has to hang out in the kennel while we descend 750 feet below the hills Visitor Center (via elevator) and into the cave. The Big Room with all its stalactites, stalagmites, columns and more is the largest room cavern in the Western Hemisphere.

It is late in the afternoon when we leave the park to head south. Rain has come in and thunder & lightning storms are right above us as we cross into Texas. It is 9:30pm by the time we reach I-10 East, and stop for a quick dinner. Then we drive through the night – only stopping for a 4 hour nap time at 2am, in a rest area somewhere in Texas (near Sonora, TX).

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    Happy Birthday J.T.! Licks & wags

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