A Date with the Tiger?

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A HUGE Thank You & Danke Schön to my friend Pam, who – very last minute – scored a couple of VIP tickets to the 2010 US Open Pebble Beach, the golf event of the year … and invited ME to come along!

So off we go on the morning of Saturday 06/19, heading south past Monterey and to Pebble Beach, where the VIP parking awaits between Spyglass Hill golf course and the Pacific Ocean. A (first and) last  quick photo snapped (cameras and cell phones have to stay out & away from the tournament) and off we go on the shuttle bus to Pebble Beach Golf course.

Following a great lunch in the VIP tent (thank you, Cintas!), Pam and I head out to the tees, to find the perfect spot to watch these pros golf their way around the 18 holes. At the hole of the 8th (Cliffs Of Doom) and the tee box of the 9th, we find 2nd row standing spaces, and watch for about 2 hours as some of the golfers hit it  just right (e.g. the amateur who scored a birdie here) and others who don’t (Tiger Woods bogeys the hole). He’s well behind (and won’t be winning the tournament the following day) and the look on his face says so, too.

But he’s a legend, and the crowd is BIG as he passes through! Like him or not (I don’t), but he draws the crowds. And the crowds were well behaved. (Maybe because of the extremely high number of Monterey County sheriffs who just showed up and stood as additional protective barrier between the spectators and the tee?)

On the way back to the VIP pavilion, we stop at hole 4, to watch a few more golfers come through (now, here are the pros of this weekend!). Then it’s time for a snack, before we hit the gift store and back to the shuttle!

What a great day! 🙂

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