How Far Away to go Camping?!

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This weekend, Kirk & I explored the boundaries of camping travels … to see how SHORT the drive between our RV storage place and the campground can be! 7 miles is what we managed to travel! All the way from South Livermore to Del Valle Campground & Reservoir, an East Bay Regional Park!

What a nice change! Packing up, leaving, arriving and setting up in less than an hour almost!

Kristina, Clae & Kody came along with us, and the 5 of us had a great, relaxing weekend on our homes (not too far) away from home.

Take a look at the photos below!

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  1. Kathy McWhorter
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    I’ve been looking at all of your pictures and comments because I just purchased a Fun Finder X-139 for my 57th birthday! I looked and looked and nothing came even close until I saw this little gem tucked away in Craig’s List like it was just one more RV. I love it, I love it, I love it! My Yorkie (Jackson) and I took it out for its test flight on the weekend of the 7th of this month and we had a BLAST making memories at a nice little campground in Encampment, WY (population 59). We had such a good time, we’re going back this weekend! I can see that this little guy would put a close couple to a good test, but I just love everything that was already installed on this guy. I just rotated and was amazed at the quality and the design planning that went into it. This one was in immaculate shape and was obviously babied – it’s a 2008. So I can kinda know just how your days and nights go when you head out.

    I moved here from Albuquerque, where I worked on the Navajo and Apache reservations, as well as with the Laguna and Acoma pueblos. I’m a project coordinator and my task there was to develop assistive technology programs to help students with disabilities increase their independence and capacity. When I looked at your posts of going to get the little baby, I mentally said, “There’s Gallup, and there are the red mesas of Thoreau, and there’s the big rock at the entry to Window Rock!” So I got a taste of nostalgia and of happiness for your experiences in your little RV. Happy RV-ing!

    • Andi
      | Reply

      Happy RV-ing to you, too! The best purchase we’ve ever made! 😉

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