Packing & Heading Home

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Well, this is it.  We’re packing up our gear and about to head out to the airport soon.  Our trip is about over… our summer Christmas is about to end.  Andrea and I both had a great time and hope you guys enjoyed following along with us on our trip.  It was fun updating our trip on Andrea’s fancy new web site.

All we have left is to eat breakfast, pack, and head to the airport.  Then we’re on out 14 hour flight back home.

Once we get back, I’ll have a video for you about water flow.  I never did find a toilet that flushed in any direction but straight “woosh” down.  But I’ll get get a video recorded in a bit of our sink draining here in the Sydney Marriott.  It does rotate one way.  But I don’t want to post it till we get back and record our sink back home.  That way we can finally solve this mystery once and for all.

This is my last post from Australia.  I’ll write more when I get home.

Cheers mates!

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