July 4th in South Lake Tahoe

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It’s another holiday weekend that we get to spend in the mountains!

4th of July holiday in South Lake Tahoe brings a great fireworks show – sitting at the beach near the Anderson’s Cabin, we can watch the main show from the casinos in Stateline, but also see the far away fireworks from Incline Village and Tahoe City!

Kristina, Clae and Kody brought cousin Giovanna up for the weekend, and Kirk & I get to claim the cabin’s guest room for the weekend. Nobody’s up early, but we’re lucky and still get a parking spot near our hiking trail for today – Inspiration Point, above Cascade Lake. A beautiful hike through the rocky mountains around Tahoe, ending at a gushing waterfall straight down the face of the mountain.

Sunday’s hike gets a last minute detour, as there is absolutely no parking near Emerald Bay … it’s a tourist mayhem this sunny holiday weekend. We end up parking near the closed Eagle Point campground between Camp Richardson and Vikingsholm “castle”, and explore the campground loop … supposedly reopening in the next year(s). While the campground is not the highlight, a little gravel trail off towards the lake is. It leads to an outlook point, overlooking the entire Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay! Definitely worth the detour.


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