Off to Rome at 250kph for Gelato [Day 8]

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Leaving Florence is not as easy as we thought … well, the getting to the train station at least. Taxis are unavailable this morning, and even after we get started on the 1 1/4 mile walk (with our luggage, on cobble stone) it is impossible to find an open cab to flag down. So we walk …

From Florence SMN station, fast trains to Roma Termini leave approx. every half hour, so we are in no rush. But staying with train travel tradition so far, we pick the one that is 5′ late. But in only an hour and a half it will take us to Rome, going approx. 150 MPH down the Italian countryside.

One we arrive in Rome it feels a little less hot and/or humid, but still very toasty. We walk a couple of blocks away from Termini station towards the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, where a little café helps us refresh and rehydrate before it’s time to check in at our Rome Airbnb home, Sabina’s “Nice Rome Holiday’s Home” about half way between the train station and the Colosseo, just a few more minutes away. What a treat! After climbing the 3 tall floors to the apartment, Sabrina welcomes us to her family’s home (multiple generations grew up here!). It’s a stunningly beautiful and very tastefully decorated place, and – I couldn’t have done it better myself – the little “extras” that show her care for this place: our towels have little coliseum name tags! How cute!

We spend the first couple of hours just relaxing and cooling off (A/C has never felt this good!) before it’s time for dinner. The restaurant Sabrina recommends is not open yet (we’re too early, but skipping lunch has that effect on us), so we eat at the place across the street. Very tasty … and we leave just enough room for the next recommendation: Il Gelatone, just 1 street over. As we walk up, we enjoy the view to the Colosseo, and then drool over the selection of 100 different flavors of gelato! I browse and make my preliminary choice – Kiwi and Pear, before backtracking for a second check. That’s when I see it: Pane. Bread. Bread Gelato. I’m. In. Heaven. Speechless … well, only until it’s my time to order and since there will always be time for kiwi or pear gelato, NOW is the time for bread gelato!

Nobody cares about what happened after that. It was the highlight of the day. ‘Nuff said. 😉

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