Southwest Road Trip – Day 8 (Aztec Ruins)

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Aztec Ruins

Got some chores done first thing this morning. A load of laundry: check. Flea stuff and de-worming meds shared with dog: check (ok, just her). Brushed hair: check (both hers and mine). Forgot to have Kirk sign the postcards before dropping them into the mailbox: check. It’s time to get going!

We’re leaving the KOA and with it the “urban area” of Albuquerque behind us and are headed through the high desert for the next 3 hours, following Hwy 550 north the whole time. We stop in Aztec, NM and visit the Aztec Ruins National Monument … and what perfect timing! National Geographic’s is having a grand set up as they are presenting their new “Four Corners” map of the area including all the Native tribes and ancient locations! For us this means a great new map, and even more important, local native American tribes performing their dances in the park – while we are following along the ranger-led tour! The heat is not the only thing that’s impressive here. The historic value and the learnings from these pueblos is immense.

By now it’s late afternoon and we decide to have our lunch on the go, so the sandwiches are eaten while we continue on north on Hwy 550 towards the Colorado border. And before you know it it’s here! We park the trailer right between the “Leaving New Mexico” and “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” signs as we take our photos.

And on we go, just a bit further up before we follow Hwy 16 west, towards the Mesa Verde National Park. Just a half mile before the park entrance, we find the Mesa Verde RV Resort, and take up the last full hook up site for the night … and that’s what we call it now: a night!

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  1. Darlene
    | Reply

    You were really in my home area: you had to pass through Bloomfield which is where I went to school to get to Aztec. On Saturday, my niece had her graduation party; you and Andrea could’ve represented the girls and I at the party. I’m glad you got to stop @ Aztec Ruins, yes its a small place but neat and historical. My ancient ones – the Anazasi – history. Glad you both are having a grand time.

  2. Brenda
    | Reply

    I was the event planner for the Geotourism event you happened upon at Aztec Ruins on June 2. I am writing a summary report and would love to know from where you hail. Happy you were able to join us, and good traveling!

    • Andi
      | Reply

      Hi Brenda, we’re from Livermore, CA, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. We had a great trip, and were excited to happen upon the event that day, and even picked up a map – which came in handy over the next few days!

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