Southwest Road Trip – What a Ride

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Thanks for following us along during our trip through the Southwestern United States. Now that we’re home and unpacked… it’s time to reflect on our Southwest adventure. Here are some tidbits about our trip.

  • We travelled over 3367 miles through 6 states.
  • We burned 275.5 gallons of gas at a cost of $1107.15.
  • We got an average of 12.2 MPG.
  • Highest elevation: Tioga Pass 9945 feet.
  • Lowest elevation: Badwater Basin -282 feet (also the hottest @ 103 degrees).
  • Andrea got adopted by a dog in Joshua Tree. We named her J.T. (the dog, not Andrea).
  • Kirk got to visit a great old friend in Alamorgordo and catch up after 12 years.
  • Sand will be in the trailer and truck forever.
  • In Death Valley, we just happened to be looking up at the stars… and the International Space Station just happened to fly directly overhead. Best sighting ever!
  • And at the Zion NP visitor center we got to see Venus crossing in front of the Sun!

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