Good Times With Old Friends (USA – Day 3)

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After breakfast (again, thank you Michelle!) we give the tour of the trailer, and then it’s time to head out again. Today’s destination is in central New Mexico and we have 350 miles to go! Steve Bell and his family are waiting, with a cold beer ready for Kirk! (and we’ll have to break the news to his girls that we did not name J.T. “Princess” or “Precious” as they had suggested 4 years ago when they had first met her on out South-West Trip)

Not to be missed … The Thing! At exit 322 off I-10, we have to stop once again … just because! 😉
Arizona-New Mexico border is next, where we also change to Mountain time (jumping 1 hour ahead on the clock). Next up is the Continental Divide, then Deming – for a quick lunch and gas stop. 133 miles to go …

It’s 6pm MT when we arrive at the White Sands KOA in Alamogordo, NM, our destination for today, and check into site #6. We quickly detach and head back out – truck only – to meet at Steve Bell’s house, where we see not just him again, but also his wife Lucy and his 2 youngest daughters Jordan and Sarah. Steve and Kirk had been stationed in Germany together, and both came back to the States at the same time. Steve has been here in Alamogordo since then, and this is our 2nd visit! J.T. stays at the house with the girls – and her new boyfriend: Yoda, the dog – while the 4 of us head out for dinner at Cowboy’s Steakhouse and to catch up.


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  1. Sabine
    | Reply

    What IS The Thing??!!??

  2. Darlene Yazzie
    | Reply

    Land of enchantment… Nice! Safe travels & I’m enjoying the blog!

    • Kirk
      | Reply

      Thanks Darlene. We really enjoyed the scenery today in Lincoln National Forest.

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