Kirk in the Woods?

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Skiing on groomed runs is one thing. Skiing through the woods is a different thing. For this year, Kirk and I will stick to the easy/intermediate runs. And today we’ve chosen another one of my favorite ski resorts in the Sierra: Kirkwood! (the name says it all)

The 3rd time is a charm, right? So heading up the mountains on a Sunday morning at 6am (leaving Dublin) / 6:30am (leaving Livermore, Kristina, Clae, Kirk & me – all piled up the Murano) has to make for a great day in the snow! And yes, it did! Sunshine all day, fresh powder snow, groomed runs (green, blue and even a black!) await!

With Kristina on ski boards, Clae on his snow board, and Kirk & I on our regular skis, we master the different lifts, runs & experience levels of Kirkwood. And even the fact that the US ice hockey team lost the final game in the Olympics to the Canadians that day during our lunch break cannot put a daper on out good mood!

Take a look at some of today’s pics:

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