Photo Gallery: Day 9

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Today’s photos in the gallery are pretty much a perfect representation of what we got to see (over and over and over again). Enjoy!


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Look left (photo)! That was our accident of the day (Day 8) – just before heading off to our 759 km drive up north! Lesson learned: when you forget to eat your ice cream after dinner and leave it in … Read More

Drivers wanted!

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Only 2 words for today (actually 3): Fraser Island and Driving. When I called the dive boat company this morning to reconfirm our 2-day trip for next week, I was told that we were the only 2 passengers for the … Read More


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We’ve been Down Under for 7 days now and there is still so much more to see! “Crikey!” is the word of the day as we are heading north from Brisbane (approx. 1 hr)  to the small town of Beerwah, … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 7

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Today we made it to the Australia Zoo. It wasn’t the biggest zoo, but is was a nice size. They didn’t have the most animals, but they had plenty. But I have to say that this was the nicest zoo … Read More


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It is Day 6 of our trip and as we are leaving Surfers Paradise, heading towards Brisbane, we know one thing for sure: we will see Koalas today! After all, we are spending the day at the Lone Pine Koala … Read More

Driving through Australia …

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… is quite an undertaking! Day 5 was all about driving. And it was only a small portion of our trip! But with ever-changing scenery: hills, mountains, plains, hills, mountains, … and cows, sheep, horses, cows, sheep … you get … Read More

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