Driving through Australia …

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… is quite an undertaking! Day 5 was all about driving. And it was only a small portion of our trip! But with ever-changing scenery: hills, mountains, plains, hills, mountains, … and cows, sheep, horses, cows, sheep … you get … Read More

Bad Internet in Tamworth

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Oh boy.¬† The internet connection sucks bad in this place.¬† We’re staying at the Comfort Inn Hallmark in Tamworth, NSW.¬† So no photo uploads tonight.¬† Actually it’s so bad, this is all I’m able to post.¬† Haha. Our location is … Read More

Science Experiment – Part 3

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Don’t get your hopes up just yet … I have no proof as in video, but I have seen it with my own eyes! The toilets flush CLOCKWISE in Australia!!! (Reminder: our experiment sample toilet flushed counter clockwise in California.) … Read More

Australia 2009 Photo Gallery: Day 3

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Boy, what a day. ¬†Walking. ¬†Walking. ¬†Did I mention more walking? ¬†Oh and there were these stairs… LOTS of stairs. ¬†Andrea and I are zonked for the day. ¬†But before I plop my head on my pillow, I wanted to … Read More

Stairway to muscle ache …

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Day 3 and we are in the heart of the Blue Mountains, one of the main “attractions” of New South Wales. Just a stone throw outside of Sydney, this beautiful mountain/valley/canyon/ridge formation area is worth a trip! After picking up … Read More

Day 2 Reap …

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Food gets my brain going. That’s why we’re having breakfast while updating our posts. But sometimes, too much food just makes my brain stop. Like last night … That Kangaroo just jumped off my mixed grill plate and knocked me … Read More

“The Key” to Sightseeing

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Staying at the Harbour Marriott at Circular Quay has one “key” advantage: step outside, and the sightseeing immediately begins! After our first lunch in Sydney’s Financial District, we spent Friday afternoon exploring “The Quay” (pronounced “kee”): strolling around the harbour, … Read More

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