Suite and the City

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A night on the town gets a really nice touch when your stay is as memorable one as this one! Planning to spend an evening in the city, dinner with Adam (Kirk’s brother), followed by a trip to the California … Read More


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Am Freitag auf’d Nacht, montier i die Schi … auf mei Auto, und dann begib i mi … nach Heavenly, am Lake Tahoe … lalalalala!  (For all you non-Austrians: this is a great Austrian song about going skiing over the … Read More

Memories … Ein Rückblick.

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Unglaublich, aber wahr! Wir sind schon seit 3 Wochen wieder zu Hause im winterlichen (= regnerischen) Kalifornien und vom Alltag fast komplett verschluckt! Aber so ein großartiger Urlaub kann nicht ohne Resüme als abgeschlossen gelten! Daher kommt jetzt & hier mein Schlußkommentar … Read More

Last Day …

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Can it really be that today, Day 16 of our trip, is already our last day? The one when we are leaving Sydney, and Australia? I guess it is so. After city sightseeing, mountain hiking, Outback driving, coast exploring, animal … Read More


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Finally, on Day 15, we got to do one of the most important things: souvenir shopping! 😉 With high expectations on our trip, Christmas just outside our door step and usual gift shop addictions, we had to go out and … Read More

A Walk in the Woods

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I’m stealing the title for today’s post (Day 14) from a book of one of my most favorite authors: Bill Bryson. And a walk in the woods we went on yesterday! Leaving Cairns in the morning, we headed just about … Read More

Back from The Great Barrier Reef

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We’re beat.  Two days of sun and salt water.  I can’t get the salty taste out of my mouth and I’ve showered and brushed my teeth twice.  Anyway, we had a really great time.  I did an “introductory dive” since … Read More

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