A Walk in the Woods

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I’m stealing the title for today’s post (Day 14) from a book of one of my most favorite authors: Bill Bryson. And a walk in the woods we went on yesterday! Leaving Cairns in the morning, we headed just about … Read More

HD Videos When We Ruturn [HD VIDEO]

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I’ve taken several HD videos with my new camera.  Unfortunately, due to the limited internet service and large video size, I’ve been unable to upload them easily to the site.  When we return, I’ll post a bunch of the HD … Read More

Back in Sydney

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We flew back into Sydney late last night via Virgin Blue and now staying at the Sydney Marriott. Having a bit of trouble with one of our bags.  I think it’ll make it back home, but it’s well past life … Read More

Last Day in Cairns

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This is our last day in Cairns.  Andrea and I still have our sea legs and are rocking a bit.  Our destination for Day 14 is Kuranda where they have this SkyRail that goes over and through a rain forest … Read More

Photo Gallery: Day 12 & 13

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Here are the photos from our two days at Flynn Reef.  Hope you enjoy them.  Click the “Continue reading.” link to see the gallery.  Once in the gallery, click the thumbnail to see the larger slide-show.

Back from The Great Barrier Reef

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We’re beat.  Two days of sun and salt water.  I can’t get the salty taste out of my mouth and I’ve showered and brushed my teeth twice.  Anyway, we had a really great time.  I did an “introductory dive” since … Read More

A Mellow Day in Cairns

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Everybody needs a break sometimes. So Kirk’s sore throat got a break with the antibiotics and we got a break from the busy touring of the last 10 days and took it slow today. Tomorrow, we’ll be getting up & … Read More

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